Japan Standard High Class RFID lock Launched

★ MIWA Standard Mifare / Temic Card Lock

★ Fully pure copper material for panels, handles and high grade SS304 for mortise; self-error detective, very durable and attractive

★ Warranty is 5 years.

★ Integrated with wireless iMaid system to realize hotel wireless online status functions, such as To check if guest is in room or out and how much time he stays, To get fast response from guest if DND or CLEAN is requested, To get fast response from guest if DND or CLEAN is requested

★ One card system to be integrated with lift reader, parking reader, common door, swimming reader, club reader, restuarant reader, POS..etc

★ CE, FCC certified

★ Adopt Japan micro-motors which ensure 500,000 running times without problem

★ RFID Mifare PHILIPS® technology, 100,000 times write life for keycard, contactless reading keycard

★ ANSI mortise

★ Free-rotating while locked

★ Powered by AA battery, easy replacement

★ Openings 20,000 times for one new battery pack 

★ Mifare card required

★ Low Battery Voltage warning(beep and red light)

★ Meeting passage mode activate by passage card for meeting case

★ 3 public passage modes: Hotel Passage, Building Passage and Floor Passage

★ Do not disturb(DND)function for hotels: While thumb turn is on from inside, the lock will refuse the keycard outside by show red light

★ Panic release function: the deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by inside handle shaking to easy egress when emergency happens

★ 38mm-60mm thickness door